The Vision.

Born in Media, Pennsylvania, Bill fell in love with motorcycles at an early age. As a teenager he rode street and trails, competed in District 6 AMA enduros, and then jumped into motocross racing in 1973.

While skilled on the bike, the speed for professional racing was not there, and Bill supported his amateur racing by working in local motorcycle shops. He became a certified mechanic in 1975 and graduated first in class at the renowned AMI technical school in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Back home again, while working as a race mechanic for some local pros, Bill picked up the camera and began shooting local motocross events. His interest in photography and motocross soon led to a move to Southern California in 1977.

Shortly after arriving in California, one highlight of Bill's work as a photographer was his of photograph of Roger DeCoster and Mike Bell at the US Grand Prix in Carlsbad. CA. This epic shot was selected to be the cover photo of industry icon Dirt Bike Magazine for the September 1978 issue.

Soon after, new assignments led to more photography work in the motorcycle industry. In response, Bill opened a commercial studio in Los Angeles to fulfill the need. Before long, his assignments included prestigious advertising work for Yamaha, Honda, Pirelli, Toyota and others.

Today, Bill lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his family and owns a real estate brokerage company focusing on property management and residential investment properties. After hours, in his well appointed shop, Bill combines his long-time skills with a wrench, and his passion for motorcycling with award winning restorations for private collectors and museums.
You can contact Bill at (805) 708-1129 or at

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